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We are a a family owned business with over 40 year experience in the motor industry. Our main lines are:

  • Torque converters for the automotive & industrial sectors
  • Dynamic balancing – armatures, fans, engines from 1 cylinder right up to the big v12, rotary engine balancing, make up and repair Propshafts.
  • If it rotates we can Balance it.
  • Transmission Charge pump repair
  • We are also your Racing Solution – 4 link suspension, button clutches, aluminum fly wheels. If you dream it we make it possible.

Through the years our operations have grown from a small appointed workshop to a factory that houses machines valued at millions, some of which we are proud to say, makes us one of the few preferred service providers to large businesses in the automotive industry. We have a CNC machining section where we make up parts for the torque converters and the Transmission charge pumps as well as the race section. We also have a Steward Warner balancing machine which has variable speed not fixed, therefore we can detect vibration throughout the range and not just as a certain rpm.

And incredibly as it may sound, so much have changed and yet so little. Sure, we’ve seen quite a number of mind boggling advances in technology, and with new techniques and components we are able to do what we’ve only dreamed of a few years back.

What remained the same is a customers hope that in finding a service provider he will get a knowledgeable person that will understand his predicament or even dream, and will add full value to the job that he is charging for.

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