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11 Kindon road, Robertsham

Give us a call: +27 11 4334506 or +27 11 4334507
11 Kindon road, Robertsham 2091

Racing and performance parts are part of fulrace's services
Meet the team
Gavin Murray on Torque converters with over 50 years experiance in repair and modification of all types of units.

Tyrin Murray on Perofmrace parts.  He makes up parts to help you with your racing performance.

Kyle Murray on cad design. 

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>> services:
Performance parts

Verious parts made on our CNC machine centres.  We make sideshaft, wheel hubs, flanges, adaptor plates, all things racing! 
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Dynamic Balancing

Steward warner balancer alows us to balace throughout the range. Engine balancing, propshafts, armisture and fans.
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Transmission pumps

Repair of transmissions pumps, for the forklifts.  rebushing of transmission pumps.  repair of stator support. clearance of pump housing
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Torque converters

We repair torque converters for all makes of vehicles. We also repair industrial torque converters. Read More.
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